The Certification Industry Against Counterfeiting (CIAC) is an international network of certification organizations committed to stopping the worldwide proliferation of products bearing counterfeit certification marks that may endanger public health and safety.

On March 17th, 2008 INTERPOL hosted the first Certification Industry Anti-Counterfeiting Summit at their Headquarters in Lyon France. This Summit was designed to discuss relevant issues surrounding counterfeit certification marks and examine possible solutions to combat the international trade in products bearing these illegal marks. Leading certification agencies from around the world attended the Summit and a general consensus was reached to form the CIAC that will work with INTERPOL and other international law enforcement bodies in combating the international threat of counterfeit certification marks.

Consumers, retailers, regulators and industries worldwide rely on CIAC member certification marks to let them know that a product has been certified to the applicable standard for safety and performance. Counterfeit certification marks deceive buyers into purchasing untested products that may cause serious injury, illness and death. CIAC presents an international, unified front whose combined resources have allied with INTERPOL to help fight counterfeiting on a global level.


In addition to essential enforcement, CIAC and INTERPOL recognize the need for a strong educational program related to anti-counterfeiting and the importance of third party independent certification. CIAC's mission will include a comprehensive focus on education programs for the public, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, law enforcement and other government agencies.


CIAC Primary Objectives


  1. Establish an operational enforcement project coordinated by INTERPOL in partnership with police, customs, certification organization and other relevant bodies such as Europol.
  2. Implement an international coordinated anti-counterfeiting intervention strategy to facilitate the seizure, investigation and criminal prosecution of transnational and organized criminal enterprises that deal in products bearing counterfeit certification marks.
  3. Identify counterfeiting regions of concern, form strategic partnerships and secure the cooperation of applicable enforcement agencies to deploy intervention actions in these regions.
  4. Provide relevant anti-counterfeiting training to enforcement agencies in the identified regions as well as implement educational programs focused on stakeholders.
  5. As a pilot project populate and utilize the INTERPOL Database on International Intellectual Property Crime (DIIP) to support enforcement projects.
  6. Identify other counterfeiting areas of concern such as Trade Fairs and work in partnership to develop and implement appropriate actions to deal with these issues.


The members of CIAC will not permit the counterfeiting of their respective marks and stand united to work in partnership with government agencies, law enforcement and all stakeholders in the supply chain to combat this international crime. CIAC presents a unified front whose combined resources have allied with INTERPOL and law enforcement agencies around the world to identify and prosecute those responsible for the counterfeiting of certification marks.